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The SIEMENS OPCENTER Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a production control software system that collects real-time production data from a factory or shop floor and is capable of connecting, monitoring and controlling complex manufacturing systems and data flows on the shop floor for improved productivity and performance.

The main objective of an MES is the optimization of activities, from the creation of the production order to the finished product, the improvement of the production yield.

Positioned as THE information system of the workshop, the MES is the concentrator of all the information produced by the workshop.

Major functional areas:

• Planning
• Production logistics,
• PLM & ERP interoperability,
• Integration of equipment and management of production units,
• Digitization and monitoring of operations in real time,
• Team management and user guidance,
• Non-conformance management and end-to-end traceability/genealogy.

The implementation of an MES solution is a strategic challenge with multiple benefits:

• Gain in reactivity thanks to a workshop control and a real time supervision,
• Save time by avoiding double entries,
• Gain in data reliability: automatic data acquisition of machines and/or tools offers more accuracy in terms of downtime, machine rates, measurements/values associated with the various operations,
• Economic gain, from now on it is possible to identify in a precise way the losses of effectiveness and quality which makes it possible to target the problems and to correct them quickly,
• Ecological gain, paper is almost totally eradicated from the workshop,
• Etc…

APS gestion des nomenclatures Teamcenter Siemens

Staff management

Manage the skills and authorizations required for people, products and/or operations.

APS gestion et suivi des processus de votre PLM Teamcenter Siemens

Quality management

Control the quality of manufacturing processes. This function can be directly integrated into the MES software or can call upon an SPC software.

APS gestion du contenu et des documents Teamcenter Siemens

Product and Batch Routing

Manage the bi-directional flow of production data in real time between the ERP and the shop floor.

APS la CAO dédiée aux systèmes électroniques Teamcenter Siemens

Maintenance management

Optimize the planning of preventive maintenance operations to reduce the impact on manufacturing.

APS les besoins de développement durable dans un cadre PLM Teamcenter Siemens

Data collection and acquisition

Enable all information to be entered during production, either manually or connected.

APS gestion des données et des processus de fabrications Teamcenter Siemens


Provide a global view of planned orders and select new ones to process.

APS outil de gestion intégrée des matériaux Teamcenter Siemens

Process management

Provide 100% electronic operating procedures and tracking sheets.

APS gestion des processus d'ingéniérie Teamcenter Siemens

Document management

Provide the operator with the documents (plans, diagrams) necessary to carry out his work.

APS outil optimal de développement de produits Teamcenter Siemens

Resource management

Define and monitor the status of each resource (in production, shutdown, breakdown, material shortage, etc.).

APS contrôle des configurations de produit Teamcenter Siemens

Performance analysis

Consolidate data to calculate key production indicators (first time success, rework, opportunities, OEE, yield, etc.).

APS gestion des coûts des produits Teamcenter Siemens

Product traceability and genealogy

Associate to a part or a batch all its manufacturing data from the raw material to the components assembly.

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