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A digital transformation project is a strategic and synonymous with significant investment. As such, it requires the secure adoption of users to the newly deployed solutions. Knowing the project and understanding the issues at stake will be the keys to the success of any project.
Based on its extensive experience in training methodology, PERCALL has designed the IKASI Digital Learning offer. This offer makes it possible to secure the adoption of new solutions by means of fully digital or blended courses, while also making it possible to offer personalized training to any number of users.
Co-built by the Project team and an HR team, the training plan meets training needs via the integration of innovation and digital technologies.


IKASI means "learning" in Basque.
This Digital Learning offer includes the following elements :
• Training Engineering : Build training courses adapted to the customer's needs, in blended or full digital mode
• Training Pedagogy : Manage the 3 main key stages of the learner's learning path: The Before, During and After in order to guarantee the success of the training plan.
• The Percall Learning Platform : An innovative online and offline training management platform on which you can find all the available training courses that have been developed
• The Training Catalogue : List of training modules based on the PLM and IoT professions made available according to the needs

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