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A new approach to support and maintenance

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Historically, companies have approached Third Party Application Maintenance (TAM) on an ad hoc basis according to short-term constraints (resource needs, expertise, etc.), thus determining a 'siloed' organization: one application, one TAM, one supplier, one budget, one quality plan, etc., and globally based on processes that favor wait-and-see and escalation.
Support has always been considered as the poor relation of IT, we generally tend to see it as a purely "technical" activity offered to companies. This is not the vision of PERCALL, for whom for more than 15 years, it is a real business that relies above all on innovation..


PERCALL's new PulsR offer is distinguished by an innovative conception of the TMA business focused on excellence, by the association of ITIL® best practices with innovative digital technology and the creation of a dedicated structure, which brings together all the resources necessary for the operational management of a TMA.
A single common goal: to maintain PLM applications in operational condition in a more industrialized, better controlled and more transparent way, contributing to an overall improvement in the service provided to the user.


Troubleshoot anomalies, provide a workaround and define the root cause of the behavior

The technical support of high expertise on your PLM and IoT solutions, both on the standard product and on your own customization, on the most complex environments


Make all changes to the solution code, the development of corrections and evolutions

Solutions need adjustments, patches and evolutions to bring added value to users


Guarantee the durability of your application to the changes in its technical environment or its use

External influences or strategic changes (more data, more users, more interfaces, etc. ...) within the organization, can change the prerequisites of the application architecture


Detect incipient failures, latent defects before they become real and turn into major failures

Even if the application is ready for use, despite the fact that everything seems to be fine, there is always a risk that the key parts of the application will not work properly at an optimal level


Industrialize and perform all the tasks of administration and exploitation of the solutions

Increasingly complex solutions placed at the center of your business processes, require an ever more reactive and accurate supervision of systems and services to guarantee optimum operating conditions

Tiger squad Alert

Ensure a rapid and efficient recovery of activity to coping crisis

TIGER SQUAD is our highly qualified group of experts dedicated to solving these crisis cells. They are responsible for studying, solving, and deploying possible solutions to critical situations

PulsR tracker

Balance between autonomy and control

The good division of activities and monitoring of these are two of the major pillars of a well-controlled service. An industrialized monitoring tool is then essential, we offer you a ready-to-use model, with a proven methodology allowing the experts to work to their maximum capacity

PulsR Qube

Facilitate your service request

A new mobile and connected approach, personal to interact with our experts.
Six faces, each of them allows you to request a specific service

PulsR Vision

Improve governance and decision-making

Performance indicators are important information that contributes to a correct appreciation of the activity. We offer you our specific platform.

PulsR Scanner

Do not let obsolescence dangerously alter your solution

Proactive management of the maps of your application will lead to a better mastery of the key factors to consider to launch an upgrade, a project that is generally complex and requires a significant financial investment

PulsR Perfkit

Define the optimization strategy of your application

Performance is often overlooked, poorly mastered or poorly controllable when designing applications. Defining optimization axes is therefore a major challenge to ensure the sustainability of the solution. Our PerfKit audits guarantee a 360 ° vision of your system to develop your Robustness strategy.

A tailor-made offer

Another look at support and maintenance

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